I took my '35 Ford apart in Dec2004.
The car was built in the winter of 1994/95. I drove the car for 10 Years and put 45,000 miles on it.
The last trip it was taken on was the Spokane run of Aug. 2004 It still got an average of 25 MPG, on the trip.
I decided to build a new chassis and power it with a 6.0 Litre LS-2 engine 4L65-E transmission.

I had to move the firewall back another two inches, from the previous 5.7 TPI engine that was installed.


The engine is very wide but it all fits.

Looks Good!

I custom built the exhaust and ran it all through the frame. Dual 2 1/4" Mandrell bent tubing runs into one muffler and one 3 inch tail pipe.
All of the exhaust is suspended with special vibration mounts.

If you look under the car, nothing hangs lower than the cross member.

There is 4 1/4" clearance from the ground to the crossmember.

Single 3" tail pipe.

The floor and drive shaft tunel are in place now and I mounted the E-brake and remounted the seat braces.
Also modified the A pillers where the hinges mount .
Next I will continue to weld the floor.


The front sheet metal was put on for fit, Now is the time to make changes, not after everything is painted.

Here the rear wheel wells were widend 2.5 inches

A look from inside, I had to allow extra clearance for the 3 inch tail pipe. I used a 4 inch elbow and cut it to size.

A look at the interior latch mechanizm. LOKAR inner handles took to much effort to open. It takes two adults and 3 teenagers to open. My wife would break her nails to often. LOL!!

I decided to use Toyota inner hardware, works much better and even locks now.

Here is a closer look at what I done.
Bear claws that lock what a concept.

This looks a bit low, 3 inches yowza! 2x2 tubing laying on the floor.

Recently I moved the wiper to the cowl, still need to build the wiper drive.

My good friend Neil Ramsey came over the other evening and reworked the doors so they fit like a Lexus.
Nice work Neil! Thanks.

Here are a few updates on the frame.

My Good friend Steve Voth from F-11 Photography took this picture.
It was taken behind the bank of Hong Kong downtown Saskatoon.

Thank you to Steve and Sheri.


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