Thanks again for all the help with the wiring and fuel injection advice when I was putting the 5.7 T.P.I. engine into my Hawk. The car is working great!!
I can't get over how lucky I was when the VATS module decided to pack it in. If I were anywhere else, I'm sure I would have been stranded for days, maybe weeks.

Reprogramming the chip is definitely the way to go. Reprogramming the cooling fan to come on sooner puts my mind at ease when I look at the temperature gauge.

The S.E.S. light has not come on since you reprogrammed the chip. Perhaps in the future I would like to make a few more changes to the programming to enhance the performance.

Job well done!!

Patrick G.,
1960 Studebaker Hawk
Saskatoon Saskatchewan

Dear Tony,

Thank you for the exceptional work that you complete on my 1956 Chevy, the wiring of the TPI was done professionally and thoroughly. My car has participated in several car shows and has won numerous awards, many people have complimented on how such a good job was doen and how meticulous you must be.

I would strongly recommend you to others that require wiring conversions to be completed and would definitely use your services again in the future.

Thanks again and job well done!

Bob L., Saskatoon

Tony: Thank you for repairing the Painless Tuned Port Engine wiring harness on my 1967 Beaumont. The hours of frustration that the supposed "painless" harness caused me was unbearable. Thanks to your expert knowledge about tuned ports and other related wiring problems, my car now runs great.

Darrin K., Assiniboia Saskatchewan

Thank-you kindly for all the magnificent work that you have done for me through the years! I truly appreciate your efforts in successfully hooking up my Tuned Port in my '39 Buick. Your expertise in putting the Vortec engine in the tow truck is truly appreciated as well. Your custom made wiring harnesses and computer chip programming can not be surpassed! Thank-you addititionally for assisting me in setting up the chassis of the '34 Ford and for helping me mount the steering.
Your skills have been invaluable to me through the years and it has been my good fortune to have met such a gifted individual.

In appreciation,
Bob H., Assiniboia Saskatchewan


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