Computer & computer chip Programming


We can reprogram your computer or computer chip to compliment your EFI Retrofit.
EG: delete emissions, delete vehicle antitheft, lower cooling fan settings, recalibrate timing curves, recalibrate fuel curves and many other's.


The 16188051 PCM is used for all the LT-1 engines.
If you have a 1993 or 1997 LT-1 our harnesses will use this computer.
We can reprogram the 8051 to compliment your needs.


The 12200411PCM is used for all the LS-1 engines.
They are easy to obtain. the 2001 & 2002 chev trucks also use them, They must be reprogrammed for you engine, tire size and axle ratio.

Caution! Some of the harnesses on the market today use the 97/98 computer only. These computers are almost impossible to find used.
New to purchase from your GM dealer with core costs and programming $900.00 or more.

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